About me

I am an Ecologist with the Desert Ecology Research Group at the University of Sydney. After working as an ecologist since 2001, I decided to embark in a PhD investigating ecological interactions in arid Australia, both within and between trophic groups, and how external environmental factors, such as rainfall and wildfire, influence these interactions. I developed models for these interactions, using long-term datasets (>22 years). These models are used to predict how the Australian arid zone will change under different climate and species scenarios. I have been fortunate to see the Simpson Desert during some of its wettest and driest periods. I have experienced flooding rains and dry dust storms. This has highlighted to me how amazing the environment of arid Australia is and how the reptiles, mammals, birds and plants cope under what we would consider extreme circumstances. This environment continues to surprise me and provides unique challenges for field work.

In this blog I hope to capture my and others thoughts on anything to do with ecology, conservation and how politics may influence these. I am a keen nature photographer and now learning astrophotography. Feel free to check out my photography and follow my FaceBook or 500 px page.

You can also find me on ResearchGate and Google scholar.


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